Blueprint helps client develop top-level strategic plan

Developing compelling innovation and technology strategies:

Our methodology recently helped our clients define their vision, future innovations, strategic mission vectors and develop action plans for implementation. Our insight into technical commercial market and customer trends, combined with our proven strategy development process, provides our clients with high-impact, low level of effort plan for the future. Leveraging the appropriate operating model to align R&D and product development teams with key functions, the strategic plan provide the tools and processes to accelerate ‘time to market’ and deliver winning innovations against a constrained acquisition process. However, success goes beyond just strategy, process and new technology. Blueprint is helping to create a culture of innovation. Our organizational planning is just one of the measures to help cultivate the right ecosystem and leadership to build solutions that keep pace with tomorrow’s challenges.

Reorganizations can provide longstanding benefits

Reorganization in a business context is an overhaul of a company’s internal structure. Many of our clients face reorganization for various reasons to include increasing efficiencies, repositioning business objectives, and dealing with corporate changes in leadership. The restructuring may involve changes to departments, business units, employee roles, and may include some shifting of leadership in key positions. In many cases, reorganizations can be trying on all involved, but realize significant gains in the end. Blueprint has worked diligently with our clients to shape their reorganization to meet aggressive mission shifts. Building an organizational structure that offers a distinct clarity of purpose was essential. Changes to the organizational structure were made to focus effort on core competencies and minimize the use of resources elsewhere. Blueprint helped develop an ongoing communications and messaging plan that kept the workforce and senior leadership tuned into changes, reinforcing transparency throughout the process.