Secure Information Sharing

The Challenge

Information is one of the most valuable resources of the government. However, the information needed to plan, make decisions, and act is collected for widely different purposes, maintained in disparate formats, and often trapped in compartmented silos. Information security, along with cultural and political sensitivities, precludes Information Sharing (IS) and adds an extra layer of complexity. Government agencies, private sector partners, and our foreign allies have an imperative need to collaborate and share national security information with each other to achieve their respective missions. Organizations are aggressively seeking Secure Information Sharing solutions that maximize the value of information and promote the exchange of data between various organizations, people and technologies.

The Solution

Blueprint provides direction for key information sharing technology programs with a direct impact on preserving national security. The goal is robust and resilient capabilities that deliver secure, seamless access to information regardless of computing device or location; empowering faster, better-informed decisions. We orchestrate the approach and develop the standards that allow for reciprocity between DoD, IC, Federal Agencies, and key responders. We perform mission planning, architecture definition, system and requirements analysis, and testing to enable enterprises to collaborate across traditional Information Sharing boundaries. 

Our Services:

  • Policy and Doctrine
  • Cross Domain Requirements
  • IS Programs
  • Cross Domain Engineering
  • Standards and Frameworks
  • Baseline Technologies